Optimizing Stormwater Management

Opti partners with you to revolutionize stormwater management for a sustainable future.


300+ deployments

60-90% savings and accelerated outcomes


26,000+ storms managed

5-10x performance improvement and adaptive management

Peace of Mind

3 countries, 37 states, and growing

Improved safety and compliance

Opti allows you to stack benefits in stormwater management including, flood mitigation, CSO reduction, asset performance, water conservation, water quality, and erosion control

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

Opti provides a cloud-based platform that optimizes the collection, storage and treatment of stormwater runoff by transforming passive infrastructure with Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC). CMAC integrates information directly from field deployed sensors with real-time weather forecast data to directly monitor performance and make automated and predictive control decisions to actively manage stormwater storage and flows across the watershed.

Opti works with our partners and customers to achieve economic savings by reducing infrastructure footprints on new storage, reducing capital expenses on retrofits, and turning stormwater into an asset; resilience with forecast based control and the ability to adapt behaviors as climate, watersheds and regulations evolve; and, peace of mind with real-time monitoring, insights, and compliance reporting.